Calabash – Tryall – 3 Bedrooms – Oceanfront Claimed

Calabash - Tryall - 3 Bedrooms - Oceanfront

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Calabash is a 3 bedroom house on the water, which provides guests with the unique opportunity of stepping off your lawn and into the inviting Caribbean Sea for swimming and snorkeling when the water is calm.

It is also within walking distance of The Tryall Club’s beach and golf course. Its swimming pool is located inside the interior courtyard and out of the wind. The house has two dining areas, one in the courtyard and the other on the north terrace under a roof overlooking the sea. The landscape around the house was designed by David E. Engle, a well-known New York landscape architect. The present owners have owned Calabash since 1976 and it has always been extremely well maintained with a lot of “TLC”. The house has been decorated as a “glamorous beach house” with fine furniture and interesting art work; some featuring special places in Jamaica.

Calabash has complete privacy as its neighbors on either side are completely hidden by beautiful greenery. Complimented by the gorgeous sunset, its view of the beautiful sea is unsurpassed and the waves can be heard gently crashing onto the rocks every night.


Indoor/Outdoor Dining
Golf Cart